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Fack 134, 962 99 Jokkmokk, SWEDEN
Phone +46 (0)76 77 95 412

About us

The owner of the Company, Roland Häggström, has been active as a guide in the Abisko/Kebnekaise and Jokkmokk mountain regions for many years.

Roland has been educated in Ecology, Snow & Avalanche safety, Alpine safety & rescue and Rafting. He has been taken part of many caving expeditions and been trained in cave exploration by the Swedish military ranger regiment (K4), in Arvidsjaure, Lappland.

He is a member of the Swedish Alpine Club (Svenska Fjällklubben), Roland has also been an active participant in the traditional 3-days sledge dog competition “Fjälldraget” for a several years.

The Polarguide policy is “Take only photos, leave only footprints, kill nothing but time”.

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